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Jim jconner at enterit.com
Mon Jun 30 02:39:06 GMT 2003

On Sunday 29 June 2003 06:40, Mrcorp wrote:
| Lets spice this up a bit...
| In the US, companies have the right to protect employees.  For example,
| lets say I am walking down the hall, and I see my peer browsing porn.  If I
| take offense, i can sue my company.  Now mind you this is a US law.  The
| company is obligated to protect me.  Could one assume the same for the ISP?
| What if I have a child, and he/she is on a porn page.  Or I start to
| receive porn spam.  Could one hold their ISP responsible?

Lets hope not!!  If you are suggesting such a thing then I boldly say that it 
is just a silly suggestion.

This would cross the line of 'who should take responsiblity vs who gets 
blamed for others' actions'.  ISPs should *not* be responsible for the 
content on the Internet and the content that flows through the ISP to the 

The end-user is responsible.  The ISP can be "nice" (tm) and filter that 
stuff on the part of the end-user if the end-user is interested in such a 
service but really we have to be realistic here.

Is the phone company responsible for people who call your home making 
ludricous claims to whomever answers the phone?  Nope.  That will never 
happen.  The phone company simply provides a medium.  Ultimately, the people 
who should claim responsibility are the end-users and the ones who put the 
content on the Internet.  Parents need to claim responsibility for their 
children if their kids are seeing things on the Internet they shouldn't be 
seeing.  Parents should do whatever they can to keep that stuff away from 
their kids...even if it means getting rid of the Internet service altogether 
or locking the computer that is connected to the Internet in room where kids 
can't get access.  There are ways...none of them perfect.  But if we start 
holding the middle guy responsible for lame things like that then the people 
who will suffer are the end-users, ultimately.

People putting content on the Internet need to be more diligent in making 
sure that young prying eyes can't get to their content.  It seems that such a 
thing may even require an invisible "partnership" betwixt parents and those 
content providers.

- Jim

| This isnt exactly ports, but content...
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