[Dshield] AOL rejecting emails ?

Marc Chabot (.net) marc at chabot.net
Mon Jun 30 05:27:07 GMT 2003

Not always.  I use a cable modem and since december 18 2002, I still
have the same public IP.  It's as if I had a fix IP, but no, I don't
pay for it and it's dhcp, each 24 hours I get the same IP.  For more
than six months.  In april I asked a friend to check old emails he had
from me, and yes, confirmed, same IP for months and months, no

I took advantage of this to run a mail server and register a domain, I
can send every where (didn't test EVERY domains of course!) but I can
only get mail from the same isp. Port 25 is blocked inbound.

Sunday, June 29, 2003, 11:26:06 PM, a écrit:

SV> so does this mean that if you setup a mail server on your cable/dsl 
SV> connection & using a DynamicDNS service which is  hosting your domain name, 
SV> your gonna find emails you've sent out getting rejected from ISP's like 
SV> AOL????
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