[Dshield] AOL rejecting emails ?

Rick Leske rick at jaray.net
Mon Jun 30 05:17:24 GMT 2003

This is very true.  The Requests for Comments (RFC's) are basically a set of
'guidelines' that the internet community uses. This is not a law - just a
set of guidelines that are 30 years old and many in need of revisions.  That
being said, and your excellent synopsis below, is what any email system
admin should understand along with the RFC's before even firing up a smtp


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> Geoff Shively wrote:
> > Quite disappointing to see one of the largest ISPs in the world to
> > such changes with flagrant disregard for any pertinent RFCs. It is also
> > a bit disconcerting to see that SPAM is driving such changes. Not to
> > this into some ANTI-SPAM thread, because we all know there are enough of
> > those
> > that they become spam themselves, but what do others propose as a
> > besides refusing such connections?
> Exactly which RFC are they breaking here?  There's no RFC that says you
> must accept mail from any host.  It's their choice.  In most cases if
> you are on a dynamic IP address then you shouldn't be sending mail
> directly but relaying through your email provider's smarthost.  If your
> IP address is wrongfully listed in a RBL as belonging to a dynamic pool,
> then that is cause for concern.
> Brian
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