[Dshield] D-Link router anyone ?

JC(oesd) jconner at enterit.com
Sat Mar 1 10:16:06 GMT 2003

OK...maybe I am misunderstanding...

So, I will clarify
The D-Link apparently HAS the ability to send the emails...
The Linksys BEFSR41 router does NOT have the ability.  However, you can set
the BEF up to log to a remote host and you can use an snmp trap logger to
grab those logfiles to submit to dshield.

Ok.  It seemed to me people were still getting the two mixed up.  So,
hopefully, this resolves that little problem.

- Jim
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| The BEFSR41 does not have that capability.
| - Bridgit
| At 11:20 AM 2/27/2003 -0500, Johannes Ullrich wrote:
| >
| >
| >   I hear that the D-Link router has the ability to send logs via
| >email directly. Can someone send me some samples please? (including
| >hints on how to configurable it is)
| >
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