[Dshield] Scan of my webserver

Todd Newman dshield at kaspermachine.com
Wed Mar 5 13:01:28 GMT 2003

Someone posted a very similar log on the security basics list on
The only difference is it was rejected.
Here's what they posted:

I saw something in my Apache access log that I don't know how to interpret.

Can anyone let me know what the following means?

the.guys.hostname - - [26/Feb/2003:22:59:49 -0500] "\x04\x01" 501 -
the.guys.hostname - - [26/Feb/2003:23:00:11 -0500] "\x05\x01" 501 -
the.guys.hostname - - [26/Feb/2003:23:00:13 -0500] "CONNECT
HTTP/1.1" 405 321

Todd Newman
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