[Dshield] Does anyone know about the anti virus program from AVG

John Stevenson master at ajby.com
Wed Mar 5 14:37:46 GMT 2003

On Sat 1st March HaveGunWillTravel asked for info on AVG compared with
commercial AV programs
And Dale Simpson (same day) quoted comparative rankings from memory but
couldn't recall the URL.

I also recalled a comparative test site (Virus Bulletin) but on trying to
re-find it I found that:

Grisoft's AVG doesn't show up too well in Virus Bulletin!

But I also found an old, one point in time (May 2002) and one OS (Win98SE)
but very interesting set of pages:

and the main test results at
and detailed results at
It appears that these tests were run with a much bigger set of sample virii
than Virus Bulletin.
No AV hit 100% - best were F-Secure and Kaspersky at 99.73% and 99.52% with
third being McAfee at 95.39%. Norton was down at 83.89% and AVG at 68.02%.

A total of 27 AVs were tested (all apparently with up-to-date engines and
sig files at the time of testing)

Also tested were 8 AT programs and the interesting thing is how relatively
poor they were even on the Trojan-backdoor section compared with most of the
AV programs (AVG was noticable by its relatively poor performance in this
section and on scripts).

Maybe I am totally misunderstanding/misreading the presented test results
but I found the overall picture quite alarming if the implications of the
data can be read across to more modern OSs. Comments anyone?

John Stevenson

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