[Dshield] Just curious about fightback responses....

Bogdan Stancescu mgv at fx.ro
Thu Mar 6 10:23:47 GMT 2003

 > Am I wrong here?

Hardly so. I guess it's the same apathy that prevents sysadmins to 
update their software after CERT security alerts for instance. I can't 
remember where, but I read a study some weeks ago saying that the real 
weak link in the whole security chain are the lazy sysadmins for not 
updating their software (well, they didn't call them lazy there becuase 
it was sort of an academic research, but that was the idea). So, there 
you go - if they don't upgrade packages clearly labeled "DOS compliant" 
:) then why would they take any measures when they receive some e-mail 
about some IP and some ports? ;)


Guy Donges wrote:

>Out of all the logs that I have had portions snipped and sent as part of 
>fightback, I have yet to see any replies back from the various abuse/admin 
>folk who are supposed to be on the other end of the listed email.
>Is this strange?  Or is the sense of apathy so much that an actual response is 
>an 'out of the ordinary' event?  
>I would think that obtaining good information would be enthusiastically 
>embraced instead of ignored...
>Am I wrong here?
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