[Dshield] Just curious about fightback responses....

Lauro, John jlauro at umflint.edu
Thu Mar 6 13:05:08 GMT 2003

It would be rare to see it on the e-mail summaries, as those would
have not been out long... The messages are sent so that you will not
receive the reply by default, but I have received a few personal
replies where they added me to the To line by hand. That said, even
using the web interface the replies are sparse, but I wonder if
registering replies is working (or it's a month behind).  Checking the
web fightback summary. I only see the last 20 replies from 1-26-2003
and earlier.  (I can go further back if I modify the URL, but the next
button is broken when you filter to view only fightbacks with replies,
as it stops filtering to only show those with replies).

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>  > Am I wrong here?
> Hardly so. I guess it's the same apathy that prevents sysadmins to
> update their software after CERT security alerts for instance. I
> remember where, but I read a study some weeks ago saying that the
> weak link in the whole security chain are the lazy sysadmins for not
> updating their software (well, they didn't call them lazy there
> it was sort of an academic research, but that was the idea). So,
> you go - if they don't upgrade packages clearly labeled "DOS
> :) then why would they take any measures when they receive some
> about some IP and some ports? ;)
> Bogdan
> Guy Donges wrote:
> >Out of all the logs that I have had portions snipped and sent as
part of
> >fightback, I have yet to see any replies back from the various
> abuse/admin
> >folk who are supposed to be on the other end of the listed email.
> >Is this strange?  Or is the sense of apathy so much that an actual
> response is
> >an 'out of the ordinary' event?
> >I would think that obtaining good information would be
> >embraced instead of ignored...
> >Am I wrong here?
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