[Dshield] Whom do you trust?

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Thu Mar 6 16:36:49 GMT 2003

Actually, the name NJABL is an acronym - from their web site, it means Not
Just Another Bogus List.  I don't think they have anything to do with New
Jersey.  The contact information for the domain looks like a role account
for an ISP called atlantic.net, and the addresses match.  I would say that
njabl.org is owned/operated by someone at the ISP (if not the ISP itself),
and they scan for open relays and BL dial-ups and dynamic IP ranges, and
allow others to query / use their zones as well.

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> At 09:14 AM 3/6/2003 -0600, Ed Truitt authored the following:
> >I don't remember this group off the top of my head.  However, there is
> >nothing to prevent anyone from starting up their own DNSBL for spam.
> >you are right, that would be a way to cover your scans for open relays.
> >PRESUME that the DNSBL will be used to BLOCK mail, but what if it is used
> >to IDENTIFY abusable systems...
> That's my concern. Check out the whois. All the information relates to the
> host in Florida (I'm assuming that this has something to do with New
> Jersey). The site contains no contact information or names. HOW DO WE
> Later today or tomorrow I'll post a follow-up on BlueTelegraph including
> explanation from the owner of how the IPs were hijacked. These folks have
> web site as well that gives the impression that they are an ISP. It seems
> that spammers are willing to go to great lengths;
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