[Dshield] Whom do you trust?

Doug White doug at dwhite.ws
Thu Mar 6 17:04:05 GMT 2003

Yes, they are a maintainer of open proxy blacklists.  They probably scanned you
because of a spam report that mentioned your IP address.  If you passed the
test, then you have nothing to worry about.  I use them in my spam filtering
server, and they are very effective is blocking spam send through open proxy

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| I got hit hard last night by rt.njabl.org; They scanned numerous ports.
| When I looked at the mail server log, amongst all the "we do not relay"
| messages, I see that they tried to log on with user name
| "before-reporting-as-abuse-please-see-www.njabl.org."
| OK I'm a jaded New Yorker but THAT would be an interesting ruse to scan
| sites for open relays with impunity. There's sure not much to the web site.
| Has anyone ever heard of this group?
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