[Dshield] Whom do you trust?

Coxe, John B. JOHN.B.COXE at saic.com
Thu Mar 6 19:29:51 GMT 2003

Don't place 100% trust in spamcop.  I have observed systems identified as
spammers incorrectly due to faulty header parsing.  An example was a case
where someone behind a firewall reported spam which resulted in spamcop
listing their firewall as a spam relay.  While I believe they are on the
right track and provide a useful service, it can always be improved.

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> We
> PRESUME that the DNSBL will be used to BLOCK mail, but what if it is used
> IDENTIFY abusable systems...

True, but:
spamcop.net rely on them. And spamcop.net has a valueable reputation.

Greets				Hanke Penning

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