[Dshield] Need a way to automate firewall log extracts

Chateauneuf dupape at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 9 14:32:31 GMT 2003

At 01:48 AM 3/9/2003 -0600, KJS_Public authored the following:
>. . . The only problem is that the output is not formatted exactly the 
>same way as the manual export . It is very close though and maybe cvtwin 
>could be altered to accept this format or maybe someone could write a 
>conversion program for it.
>It would make sending in the Norton logs a lot easier.

I had the same problem with my NetGear's Syslog. Work it backwards. Start 
with a copy of blat which is a public domain command line  mailer. You can 
get a copy at www.blat.net.

Using Blat, you can schedule a send every hour and you create a message in 
blat from a text file.

To create that text file you need to parse the output from the logs. This 
is simpler than it sounds using some elementary VB Script. MS's script 
reference is here: 

If you need any help, let me know. 

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