[Dshield] Port 445 storm

Korhonen Juuso juuso.korhonen at camline.fi
Sun Mar 9 16:13:39 GMT 2003

>From F-Secure WEB site:

Deloder is a network worm infecting Windows machines which have set a weak
password to the "Administrator" account. 

The worm scans random IP addresses, trying to locate Windows machines which
have port 445 accessible. Port 445 (Microsoft SMB over TCP/IP) allows
outsiders to access Windows file shares. 

This worm was found around noon GMT on Sunday 9th of March, 2003. 

Best Regards

Juuso Korhonen

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I have to confirm that the Honeynet setup for www.infosecwriters.com is also
receiving a
tremendous amount of port 445 probes.  Hundreds of probes from many
different ip address ranges
are hitting several of the honeypots.  


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