[Dshield] VisualZone problem

Wayne Larmon wlarmon at dshield.org
Thu Mar 13 16:43:58 GMT 2003

> Has anybody experienced this: sometimes my computer has a window
> on destop.
> Title is VisualZone and the alarm is: "Window does not have scroll bars".
> When I click Vz open from task bar I notice that the scroll bars do not
> work...scrolling is just impossible. This error also makes Vz to stop
> talking to ZoneAlarm.
> Only way to recover is to shutdown Vz and restart it.
> My operating system is WindowsXP.

This sounds like a VisualZone problem.  We didn't write VisualZone.  Your
best bet is to contact the author at webmaster at visualizesoftware.com

Wayne Larmon

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