[Dshield] Bad Dest IP reported using CVTWIN and RouterLog

John Duksta john at duksta.org
Thu Mar 13 22:27:36 GMT 2003


Figured I'd get on board with dshield reporting at home. I've installed 
RouterLog and CTVWIN to grab and convert the log from my SMC Barricade.

It all works quite nicely, except for the fact that CTVWIN puts my local 
machine's IP address as the destination IP for the attacks. Since I'm 
running RFC 1918 addressing on my internal network, this means that all 
my reports are going to show a dest IP of 192.168.x.x instead of the 
AT&T/Comcast IP that is assigned to the Barricade.

Who should I contact about submitting a RFE to CVTWIN to hopefully fix 
this issue?


John Duksta, CISSP
email:   john at duksta.org
home:    617.629.2130

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