[Dshield] New spammer tactic...

Chateauneuf dupape at bellatlantic.net
Sat Mar 15 00:03:15 GMT 2003

At 10:59 PM 3/13/2003 -0600, Tod Beardsley authored the following:
>Jon R. Kibler wrote:
> > The problem is that some of the DNSBLs will give a high level hit on
> > ANY IP -- simply based upon the ISP that owns the netblock's having
> > any customer that is a well know spammer.
>So... you upgrade your ISP to one with some sense. I don't see the
>problem here.

It's not that simple. The bls are totally out of control IMO. I happen to 
be a Verizon customer. My only other broadband alternative is RoadRunner 
and EarthLink Cable and I have had the same 4 e-mail addresses for five years.

Now, there are two problems with Verizon. Not only do they have notoriously 
unreliable servers but one is an open relay and if you hit it on outgoing 
mail and your recipient happens to be on a BL it fries AND you may not even 
be aware of it, depending upon the receiving ISP.

I have better results sending SMTP direct. We use 602Software'sLanSuite and 
it works out great. My Static IP is listed on two block lists; Osirusoft 
and 5-10-sg. The mail server is set up to require authentication and most 
other ports are blocked so relays are nearly impossible.

Well my IP (which I have had for five years) used to resolve to 
151-202-16-167.username.bellatlantic.net. Now it is part of a Verizon pool. 
No matter how many polite e-mails I write to Joe Jarred or web forms that I 
fill out, I cannot get off the Osirus Block list. They consider it a 
dial-up. Of course it doesn't occur to them that nobody would complain if 
they had a dynamic IP that might change in an hour or so.

5-10-SG is a different problem. I wrote to them via Verizon and, of course, 
it hit the wrong server and bounced back. So, using Hotmail, I forwarded 
the bounced message, explaining the issues. Last night they attempted to 
connect to my mail server (according to the logs). Since they were unable 
to connect without a password, they seem to have concluded that I don't 
have a mail server. I sent them the lines from the log this morning but 
haven't heard back from them.

The point is that many people are being unnecessarily inconvenienced by 
people who yield enormous power without oversight, consistent guidelines, 
processes that they publish and follow or even any certainty of fairness. I 
suspect that one way to guarantee that you remain on the Osirus list is to 
send annoying mail (which they will post to their web site).

End of rant. End of sermon but I am a Quality Management Consultant and 
pretty good at what I do. If I have learned anything it is that quick, 
expeditious fixes usually do more harm than good. 

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