[Dshield] New spammer tactic...

Tod Beardsley todb at planb-security.net
Sat Mar 15 02:24:09 GMT 2003

Chateauneuf wrote:

> It's not that simple. The bls are totally out of control IMO.
> End of rant.

Heh. FWIW, I agree that blacklists (at least those maintained by 
humans, and maybe all of them) are pretty much worthless, and are best 
used as a temporary solution (if at all).

> My only other broadband alternative is RoadRunner and EarthLink Cable
> and I have had the same 4 e-mail addresses for five years.

First, hanging on to the same, non-portable e-mail address in a domain 
you don't own is a totally alien concept to me. The spam alone was 
enough to drive me to my own tiny little nothing domain, and I'm now 
hoping that spamassassin and/or bogofilter will keep up well enough 
that I won't have to abandon this address, too.

Second, my point was if you live and work in a ghetto, you shouldn't be 
surprised when some people avoid you based on your address. I went 
through a period of dropping all @aol.com mail, and got far fewer 
messages from morons (I've ceased such snobbery since, though I still 
drop all HTML mail).

I understand your desire for a quick and direct fix. To me, that fix is 
dropping your ISP. You could also avoid writing to people who pay 
attention to blacklists by educating those people on their 
worthlessness (the BL's worthlessness, not the people... well maybe 

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