[Dshield] New spammer tactic...

Chateauneuf dupape at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 16 19:10:50 GMT 2003

At 07:34 PM 3/14/2003 -0600, Doug White authored the following:
>you could probably do far more good for the community by
>directing your rant to Verizon's customer service.

How many MORE times? They're working on it and, in fact, have almost 
eliminated the servers that relay.

Ultimately, I think that DShield subscribers do far more good in the war 
against spam than these block lists. How many people have no idea that 
their broadband connection is being used as a relay? Most of them wouldn't 
know SMTP from blueberry blintzes. Putting them on a block list is 
irrelevant. BTW, whenever I get a repeat offender, I don't rely on 
FightBack. I send out a short, polite, non-accusatory email form with the 
Syslog entries, which is hopefully IWF-proof.

>  I, for one, support
>its application to eliminate, or at least reduce the bandwidth stealing junk
>email.  We all realize that the more aggressive the blocking, the more
>legitimate mail becomes victim.
They don't seem to have done much for me. I get more spam now than ever. 
Using pattern filters in Eudora I eliminate close to 97% but it's still a 

Nobody has done any research that I am aware of but I suspect that these 
bls do not reduce spam; they simply redirect the sources. Spammers are 
determined, if nothing else.

Nevertheless I would support Osirusoft's effort entirely if they were 
simply REASONABLE. As a matter of common courtesy - if not decency - they 
should respond to inquiries; They don't. That represents spectacularly poor 
business manners. One look at the web site tells you all you need to know 
about their astonishingly imperious attitude. I realize that they get the 
crap beaten out of them every day by spammers and their abusive lawyers. 
Frankly, thats' no excuse. I can just hit the delete key if spam gets 
through. I can do nothing about these idiots who prevent me from running my 
business properly when a simple solution is only an email away.

I'll say this. Had it not been for Osirusoft, I would never have become a 
DShield participant.

BTW, I have gotten bounced mail from FTC.GOV which uses the bl. That's 
nothing short of outrageous since it diminishes my 1st Amendment rights 
(which no agency or law has the right to limit) to petition the government. 
I have written to them and they choose not to respond. Shock, shock.

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