[Dshield] Probes to 27960

Chateauneuf dupape at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 16 21:42:56 GMT 2003

At 10:31 AM 3/16/2003 -0900, Charles Hamby authored the following:
>Recently I've been seeing some odd probes to UDP 27960, and I was
>wondering if anyone else had seen any or if anyone could comment.
>Here's a sample from my logs:
>2003/03/15        04:07:48.18       I             
>adsl-34-53-45.mia.bellsouth.net   58571            27960
Maybe I'm missing something but these are all connections to inside 
addresses which means that the traffic has been forwarded. Again, maybe 
it's me but either you have a serious security flaw or this is traffic 
being received through your web browser or similar client. 

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