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I am using RealSecure 6.5 network sensors with a Workgroup Manager. I am
getting a lot of alerts for "IPunknown Protocol". I know that this event is
being raised because of esp protocol being used on our network. 
Can anyone tell me how I can create a filter for realsecure to ignore this

any help appreciated,


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> Off Topic?
don't think so. In particular if you use your cell phone to receive
alerts from your IDS and such. Disabling a sysadmins cell phone can
be part of a well planned attack.

> I recently had a good friend call with a problem. Their cell phones is not
> working and ATT is telling them they have a virus. Neither Nokia nor ATT
> will replace/repair the phone. 
> Has anyone else seen or heard of such a thing?

I have heard of a cell phone virus for i-mode phones in Japan. Also,
there are some 'DOS' style vulnerabilities in other phones that make
the phone unusable after receiving a specially formated text message.

Usually, 'rebooting' the phone (remove battery...) will fix it.

DoCoMo i-mode story:

Nokia DOS vulnerability:

However, there have also been 'Cell phone virus hoaxes':

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