[Dshield] HAve I just missed this before

Tim Rushing rushing at jorsm.com
Tue Mar 18 15:59:36 GMT 2003

In fact, Symantec claimed in a press release that this system discovered 
SQL Slammer hours before it began propogating rapidly.   Given that Slammer 
was the closest thing we've seen to a deployed Flash Worm, that seems to 
indicate that Symantec's system is capable of seeing into the future and 
analyzing packets before they were even sent. :)  Don't think DShield can 
do that!!!

In fact, I'd even be willing to pay for that, though I would be more 
interested in the packets returned from a port 80 probe of something like 

Press release:


        ---Tim Rushing

At 09:06 AM 3/18/03 -0600, you wrote:
>or has Symantec gotten into an area we all seem familair with :
>Lets see, combining input from many types of firewalls into one central
>database, does this sound familiar :)
>John Dalton U.I.T
>(Unemployed Information Techie) :)
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