[Dshield] HAve I just missed this before

Sean Waddell swaddell at espgroup.net
Tue Mar 18 16:14:27 GMT 2003

I'm assuming that they are utilizing the technology from Recourse when 
they bought them up a little while back.  We tried out ManTrap, but 
quite frankly I wasn't that impressed with it.  Maybe Symantec has 
improved on it some???  <grin>


Chateauneuf wrote:
> At 09:06 AM 3/18/2003 -0600, John Dalton authored the following:
>> or has Symantec gotten into an area we all seem familair with :
>> http://enterprisesecurity.symantec.com/products/products.cfm?productid=159&E 
>> ID=0
>> Lets see, combining input from many types of firewalls into one central
>> database, does this sound familiar :)
> If Symantec does it, using it will probably require you to run 3 
> services and 4 start-up programs. If anyone is also running NAV they'll 
> need enough computer power to run NASA if they expect to actually 
> (shudder on the thought) run any programs in addition. Now if they are 
> also running WinFax Pro in server mode . . .
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