[Dshield] HAve I just missed this before

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Tue Mar 18 19:19:16 GMT 2003

> I think it is familiar to them as it is to this group. DShield's lively
> discussions and the active participation of its expert staff are strengths
> that are hard to beat, though.

Thanks. The main difference IMHO is that we release data 'real time'
and do not have a group of premium users that get information in
advance, while the remainder of the herd may provide logs for free,
but can't will only hear about the results a few days after everyone

On the other hand, if you can put up the money for a professional 
managed security service, you probably get much better support then
you will from our mailing list. Just depends if you have the $50-100k
or so to spare (at least this was the price tag I heard once. Not
sure what they charge now).

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