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White, Robert W WhiteRW at state.gov
Wed Mar 19 19:06:08 GMT 2003

I would think that one would also want to have a strong focus on risk
avoidance as well. I'm always reminded of my grandfather who would go to the
store and leave the keys in the truck, (because 40 years ago NO ONE stole
out in the country) today NO ONE should leave their keys in the car even in
the country.. 10 seconds of effort to save $20K plus of car... Same applies
to the value (time - effort to replace) of the information on a home
computer not to mention the risk to one's credit rating or the effort to
repair it should a hacker acquire pertinent privacy information which as we
all know can be acquired in less than a minute.. thoughts,  Bob

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	I'm looking for a some what detailed but still very basic white
paper that I can distribute to my users about safe home computer use.  We
just had a seminar on identity theft and the staff would like to know how to
protect there computers at home.  I could sit down and write one out talking
about all the basics Firewalls, AV, cookies, password and all the rest but
I'm sure there is something out there that will do a better job than I could
do.  Does SAN's have anything like this or does anyone know where I can find
some documentation geared towards the home user? 

Thanx, Paul

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