[Dshield] How representative?

Henric Lindblad henric at alternera.se
Mon Mar 24 22:59:23 GMT 2003

Honestly I don't think the average DSL/Cable subscriber gets many actual
"intrusion attempts"...

They do get scanned a lot but most scans don't actually result in a
intrusion attempt.

If they do then that DSL/Cable subscriber is most likely running a
"interesting" service. Such as Web server, SMTP, Proxy, FTP or SQL...

Otherwise they will most likely be left alone.

If anyone uses their time to hack a Home PC then that would be because:

    1. Personal relation (Friend, "The Guy next door", or Co. worker)

    2. Professional relation (Co. worker is in here to, Competitor?, Boss)

    3. Curiosity (Can anyone say "Script Kiddies" :-) , or "Just trying

There may be more...

But personally I don't consider Home PC's real targets. (Unless used as


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> I wonder if someone would venture a guess as to the percentage of total
> internet traffic reported to DShield. Is anyone aware of a study? I'm
> wondering how many intrusion attempts the average DSL or Cable subscriber
> gets per day.
> BTW, what is the relationship between DShield and ISC?
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