[Dshield] How representative?

John Dalton dubuque1 at mchsi.com
Mon Mar 24 23:26:59 GMT 2003

DOn't know about others, I seem to send in about 50-100 attempts a day on
mediacom. I know from work I would see full scans of our firewall, so there
would be many, many attempts, but from a smaller number of sources there.
WIth at work, I think they knew we had mail/web servers so we became the
target of more intense scans from less sources, where at home, we would have
scans trying to find services, so they could then find vulnerabilities on a
home system that they might not on a corporate version.
I will state, looking at twice daily submissions (noon and midnight) I went
from 10-20 attempts to about 50 this morning on the noon dump....

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I wonder if someone would venture a guess as to the percentage of total
internet traffic reported to DShield. Is anyone aware of a study? I'm
wondering how many intrusion attempts the average DSL or Cable subscriber
gets per day.

BTW, what is the relationship between DShield and ISC?

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