[Dshield] OT:Viruses in Cell Phones?

Dave Goodrich dave at pixelhammer.com
Mon Mar 24 01:50:24 GMT 2003

On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 10:04:11AM -0500, Paul Marsh wrote:
> Dave:
> 	Do you have any details on the actual virus?  I'd like to have a heads up on what we should be on the look out for?

I found out more information. Apparently the infected phone can place
calls but not recieve them. Calls can be heard but the they cannot hear
the infected phone.

The purchase place of the phone knew about the virus, they have seen it
before and can only replace the phone. This was not a full service shop
but a booth in the mall. They do not have the capabilities to reprogram
the phone.

The giveaway that the phone was infected was the display. The display
would only show an image of a car, a Beetle to be exact, she called it a
"bug". Catchy huh? The phone was a Nokia 3160 using ATT service.

I recommended she call ATT and complain "loudly" and told her to feel free
to let them know that at least this sysadmin was watching. If they cannot
fix the phone, or clean their network of these viruses, our company would
be abandoning ATT service. A cell phone that can be disabled by an
adversary is of no use as an early warning device for my network.

I'll pass on any updates I get.


> Thanx, Paul
> > Off Topic?
> >
> > I recently had a good friend call with a problem. Their cell phones is not
> > working and ATT is telling them they have a virus. Neither Nokia nor ATT
> > will replace/repair the phone.
> >
> > Has anyone else seen or heard of such a thing? I've not seen anything
> > other then the virus hoaxes and the telephonica information. Now I'm
> > hearing ATT confirm a user has a virus on their phone and refusing to fix.
> >
> > Thoughts?
> >
> > DAve
> >
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