[Dshield] port 80 \"on the high side\"

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Tue Mar 25 16:36:30 GMT 2003

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Seeing the same type of response in Iowa.  Just seems to be taking awhile to get around from site to site.  Some online articles indicate that there is an increase in traffic from people trying to get war news.  That may be the answer. How does it look elsewhere?

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JD -

I have noticed a lot of lag as well.  I\'m using Charter cable modem service in St. Cloud, MN and have had times when our connection seems to drop.  Others I have talked to have noticed this as well.

I wonder if there is something going on?


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     Interesting since I noted significant and unusuak lag this morning and afternoon to places like my bank and such, but many other sites were ok. I actually thought it unusual enough, along with lack of list email, to check Dshield, ISC, and Symantec to see if I was missing something... JD

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