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Rohit Dhamankar rohitd at tippingpoint.com
Wed Mar 26 16:46:49 GMT 2003

In general, my suggstion would be to watch out for any webDAV specific
methods like
The exploits circulating could easily be changed to use these other methods
and I think the
attack will still work

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On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 12:11, Johannes Ullrich wrote:
> If you are not using WebDAV, just searching for '"SEARCH' should 
> work ok. There may be other ways to exploit this, so keep an
> open mind and look in general for overly large lines in your 
> web log.

I have "OPTIONS" and "PROPFIND" log entries as well, but they don't
appear to be exploit attempts.

This web server does not support any form of DAV. Should we add these
(or perhaps *all* DAV keywords) as "generic scanning activity"
signatures for non-DAV webservers, and report them?

Also, there does appear to be an IIS DoS involving "PROPFIND".

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