[Dshield] Help Understanding DShield Data

Chateauneuf dupape at bellatlantic.net
Thu Mar 27 13:59:54 GMT 2003

What am I missing? Shouldn't the total records match the total, by port, 
since both are for a one-day range?

This resolves to RCN. I cannot find any reference to "ULTRA.NET." Again, 
what am I missing?

I show three records against this IP yesterday (3/27). The data stops at 
3/17. Is this an error or do some records update periodically in contrast 
to real time?


Country: US
Contact E-mail: noc at ULTRA.NET
Total Records against IP:  229
Number of targets:  229
Date Range: 2003-03-17 to 2003-03-17
Ports Attacked (up to 10):
Port 	Attacks 	Start 		End
137 	254 		2003-03-17 	2003-03-17
139 	1 		2003-03-17 	2003-03-17

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