[Dshield] Fate Research Labs Presents: Analysis of the NTDLL.DLL Exploit

Eric Hines eric.hines at fatelabs.com
Fri Mar 28 15:30:23 GMT 2003


I have written a 13 page analysis of NTDLL.DLL webdav exploit, which is
located at http://www.fatelabs.com/library/fatelabs-ntdll-analysis.pdf .
This paper provides granular detail on the affected component, log
traces for log analysis, exploit output, and packet traces for those
looking to make their own signatures. The paper is based on the exploit
released by Roman Soft to Bugtraq in combination with his follow-up RET
address brute forcer. Remember, the exploit can be easily modified to
use GET, LOCK, et. al.

Our Log Analysis team will be posting the logs and full packet traces to
the log division's web site located at http://www.fatelabs.com shortly.
In addition, as updates are made to this paper and as different methods
of exploiting this buffer overflow are discovered by our team, we will
make updates to the paper located at our site.

P.S. Thanks to Roman Medina for his follow-up and response.

Eric Hines
Internet Warfare and Intelligence
Fate Research Labs

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