[Dshield] Use a firewall.....

Doug White doug at dwhite.ws
Sat Mar 29 17:15:40 GMT 2003

| Being a small ISP/ASP we have wasted thousands of dollars trying to control
| UCE/SPAM/PORN.  It's all the same here in our little part of the world.  No
| one likes this type of material.  Our state has laws against it 'never will
| enforce the law' but none the less it looks pretty on paper..
| ~Rick

I agree.  As another small email provider located in Texas, we fully intend to
use all technological resources available to us to block unauthorized access to
our systems.  We are less interested in becoming empowered to expend the
resources to utilize the expensive and uncertainties of the justice system.

As long as the providers are not protected against the release of contact
information, the actual spammer will be that much harder to track/identify.
Likewise if the providers were protected from sharing offender information with
other providers, some giant steps could be taken to rid the internet of these
abusers.  But this ain't going to happen, thus the proposed legislation will be
completely unenforceable.

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