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ALL of the antivirus solutions that have the heuristic OPTIONS give
the user the opportunity to "shoot himself in the foot." I am not
suggesting, Pete, that you are none other than an expert, but
heuristic antivirus settings FROM ALL VENDORS are a lot like spam
filters - sometimes they get the spam, and sometimes they get the
stuff you want. Anyway, I also use Panda Platinum 7 and have set it -
unwisely - to the highest heuristic setting. I ALSO experienced a
similar problem. Curiously, Platinum 7 restored the file to the
original location - with absolutely no problems. So, I guess I don't
understand what might have gone wrong.

Panda has consistently out performed McAfee, Kaspersky's product, and
a host of others that I have tried. After the McAfee solution failed
to provide a timely enough upgrade, the upper management people at my
company begged me to scan EVERY computer with my boot disks. I agreed
to do so on the condition that I contact Panda and we purchase their
corporate antivirus. That deal was struck a year ago and everyone is
happy with the performance of Panda Platinum.

All I can say is: It has saved me many times from failures to
properly apply Microsoft patches in a timely manner through Panda's
superior real-time updates and real-time "permanent file protection."

Sorry that you had a problem.

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Rick et al.

On my system, Panda Platinum 7.0 running with Heuristics set to
"High" resulted in four false positive Alarms:

1) A licit Corel file as virus suspect
2) Three virus-free Outlook files as virii suspects

A) The first on was no problem, since the option "Desinfect and
Remove" removed the file from Hospital-Quarantine to the original

B) But using the same option, the anti-virus program could not remove
the virus-free Outlook files to the original locations. The original
location was "invalid" according to this anti-virus program.

C) I was not able to find an option for simply removing the
virii-free files back to their original location. (Supposedly, it had
not been more successful either.)

These experiences lead to discard Panda as my anti-virus vendor.

- -Pete

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