[Dshield] Requesting/Searching feedback reports

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Nov 6 12:38:34 GMT 2003

> I see on the dshield ip info page for this address that a fightback 
> report was sent on 2003-10-27. Is there a way to search for the 
> fightback reports/responses if none of my submitted logs were part of 
> the report???

Let me check if we got anything from Level3 in the past. One issue right
now is that I am moving some ISPs to a daily summary list, and they are
not yet included in our fightback system. (They will be marked as 'auto

At this point, you should see if we got an 'automated' or 'personalized'
reply to the message. The message itself is not visible as it may
include non-public information (and its hard to sanitize that).

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