[Dshield] Gamespy uses DMCA to destroy bug research and fulldisclosure

Bjorn Stromberg bjorn at thechemistrylab.com
Wed Nov 12 16:18:40 GMT 2003

While I may not find every cross post by you to be of great interest, this
one does pique my curiousity.

Have you contacted a lawyer yet regarding their legal machinations? If they
are using the DMCA as a legal weapon threatening your research, I would
direct you to the Chilling Effects website (http://www.chillingeffects.org/)
which is a large collection of DMCA related threats.

Don't give in to these idiots, contact the EFF, they have lawyers that are
*very* well versed in these matters.

Oh, and post their C&D for the world to see!

Bjorn Stromberg

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> Just today (12 Nov 2003) opening my mailbox I have found a mail of about 1
> megabyte and half and fortunally for the sender I don't use filters.
> The mail has been sent by the Gamespy's lawyers asking me to remove my bug
> research stuff from my site.


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