[Dshield] preview: Windows XP, Surviving the First Day

Bjorn Stromberg bjorn at thechemistrylab.com
Wed Nov 12 23:17:35 GMT 2003

If this were my guide I'd skip the part about the initial XP install. I'd
assume they can follow other's instructions on how to install XP or that it
would come pre-loaded.

I'd just skip right to the Network Connections settings, disable File
Sharing and Windows Networking and enable ICF.

It might be nice to have them enable TCP/IP Filtering and only allow web
traffic until they finish windows update and then disable it again. I'm not
sure what ICF does in it's default configuration, but it would certainly cut
down attack vectors.

The part about having a "good" password is important. I'd give instructions
on how to change their password after XP is installed. (Ctrl+alt+del -->
Change Password...)

I might also include in the guide a few websites for free firewall and free
anti-virus vendors.

Bjorn Stromberg

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