[Dshield] Free Personal Firewall for Windows 95?

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Nov 13 22:47:26 GMT 2003

> i've already suggested a "hardware" firewall (yeah yeah, all firewalls are
> software, you know what i mean), but this is for a non-profit organization
> which consequently has no money for such luxuries.

I second Deb's opinion. There are sufficient hardware firewalls for
<$100. Should be too hard to come up with the money for them. You will
be able to secure all your machines with one box instead of having to
maintain multiple software installs. Also, in your limited applications
you may be able to lock down the outbound traffic as well, or limit
traffic just to the Citrix server. Typically, even the cheapest hardware
firewalls will allow that. 

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