[Dshield] Free Personal Firewall for Windows 95?

Nels Bels nelsbels at cableone.net
Thu Nov 13 23:58:55 GMT 2003

If you have an extra workstation with a few NICs, download and use
Smoothwall Express.  I've use it on some really old machines (166Mhz
32mbRam)but it was happy with that. The harddrive space will be minimal
since you won't be proxying web data on it.  If you have a third NIC you can
have your own DMZ as well.  Best of all it is free.

>i've already suggested a "hardware" firewall (yeah yeah, all firewalls are
>software, you know what i mean), but this is for a non-profit organization
>which consequently has no money for such luxuries.

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