[Dshield] Sonicwall Viewpoint

Will Boege will_boege at i-tech.com
Mon Nov 17 21:29:35 GMT 2003

I had a problem with this a while ago, and it was rectified by
downloading the latest version of Viewpoint from Sonics website. Get the
latest stuff, completely uninstall the old stuff, and start from

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After Logging in viewpoint this msg appears;
"Viewpoint authentication failed. Please verify that the sonicwall is
licensed for viewpoint and that the IP address, Password and Serial
number settings are configured correctly." I checked everything seems
fine i don't understand why can't find the sonicwall. I tried to do
patches, but this time it can't find the sgmsConfig.xml file. I guess it
has not been created because I haven't connected to sonicwall yet. So,
any suggestions?
Yavuz Yildirim
IT Manager
Phoenix A.M.D International
800 661 7313 x231

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