[Dshield] Virus problem

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Wed Nov 19 11:52:03 GMT 2003

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 18:14:48 -0500
From: "Dhield Contributor" dshiled at pfunkjr.dissimulo.com
Subject: RE: [Dshield] Got a Linux Box running finally The little
        Dutch boy       withfinger in dam Virus problem tho
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Did you report the address to Spam Cop?

You can join Spam Cop by going to their home page and registering.


Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I checked Spam Cop out. Correct me if am wrong. But it 
does'nt look like they deal with virili. I tried doing back traces on the 
addie. And it leads to some french telco kinda thing. Did a google search on 
that. And it looks like alot of people have had trouble with them.
I even tried asking MSN for help,as I also have a MSN account. But did'nt get 
a reply. And tried abuse at wanadoo no reply. I am getting about 3 of these a 
day and My clam antivirus says they are infected with Worm.Gibe.F . From what 
I can tell this does'nt affect Linux but I had a hard time finding linux 
specific info on it on line. I am preety good at finding junk in the Windows 
registry.But a newbie when it comes to Linux.  If you can think of anything 
else that I can do please let me know. I would like to see the plug pulled on 
whoever is sending this junk.  Thanks T

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