[Dshield] Re: Free AV software com Computer Assoc.

rocco.s rocco.s at telstra.com
Thu Nov 20 06:18:31 GMT 2003

> has anyone used their product?

i have.

personally i would never deploy CA product ever again.

the anti-virus is poor to the point of missing common worms like nachi etc...
yeah yeah, whatever, but my experiences are such that CA anti-virus sucks a$$..

other stuff like sophos, norton, trend even, do a much better job at detecting and preventing infection.

whenever i see an infected machine, i see etrust av installed, with its little yellow line heartbeat thingy in the system tray..

i hit some other vendors sites and pull down a scanner, whalla, detects and cleans..

even some of the online scanners pick up more stuff reliably, that ca antivirus

yes they are regularly updated, however via ugly ftp proto..
other vendors with live-update, or http/s downloads are much more reliable..
not just at updating, but catching virii prior to infection..

whatever, install antivirus on machines, get it to update..

however be prepared to use a cleaner tool should you be using CA antivirus


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