[Dshield] IIS 4.0 SMTP Questions

steven parks sparks at IDEAL.COM
Thu Nov 20 21:09:40 GMT 2003

I can tell you this much about aol, when I installed aol on my machine here
at work (don't ask :-) I had to open port 5190 in out firewall for it to
work, The only other protocols I have allowed for my machine are http,
https, dns, and ftp. I don't know if aol needs any of those other ports to
work but it looks like it does most, if not everything, through port 5190.
The comment about using someone else's smtp servers to send your mail has me
totally confused.

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re your comments on AOL:

    I am not familiar with Windows. But you do not need a full SMTP server
    to send e-mail. The main purpose of an SMTP server is to accept mail.
    To send mail, you could use the recipients SMTP server. As you mention
    that a lot of your users use AOL or Comcast, you may want to break out
    these two groups and send them directly using the Comcast and AOL SMTP
    server respectively and send the remainder to your ISP for distribution.

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