[Dshield] Big jump in 554/tcp port scans

Dshield Contributor dshield at pfunkjr.dissimulo.com
Mon Nov 24 18:06:20 GMT 2003

I only have ONE IP that is monitored and I too, had the same problem.
Port 554 scans...

Port Summary
Port Packets Sources Targets Service Name 
554 22 22 1 rtsp   Real Time Stream Control Protocol  

Only, the last one on my logs is: 1640 23 Nov

They are coming from Korea, China and one from Australia.

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Yesterday we saw a big spike in scans against port 554/tcp (RTSP). The
scans started at about 0800 on 2003/11/23 and ended about 0100 on
2003/11/24 (none since that time). They hit every address in our net
block. Also, they appear to have originated from 48 IPs around the

This wasn't a major spike, but was the third most scanned port yesterday
(as usual, 135/tcp was first and 80/tcp was second). However, the number
of scans jumped from a weekly average of less than 5 per day to over 30
an hour.

Any ideas? Is this potentially the start of something new?

Jon R. Kibler
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