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Wed Oct 1 03:46:16 GMT 2003


at the Wall Street Journal www site there is there is a PDF  of a one page 
document called "IT Security: A Report Card".  This document is associated with 
a supplement that was issued in their print edition yesterday on the subject 
of security (including INFOSEC). Here is the link to the www page at the WSJ 
online site that in turn references the aforesaid PDF.


For what it is worth, in my opinion, the WSJ has the best and most accurate 
business reporting of any publication in open circulation so I would expect 
that the reporters who prepared this section "kicked the tires" on the data that 
they received from IDC fairly well.

If you don't subscribe to the online version of the WSJ then let me know and 
I will check the digital rights restrictions on the document to see if it is 
okay to copy it to you. Their source for the economic loss estimates are the 
Computer Security Institute which may have the info freely available.

Best Regards,

John Holmblad

Televerage International

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