[Dshield] Port 554/tcp

Bart E. Hawley Sr. bart at texan.net
Wed Oct 1 14:57:42 GMT 2003

That is the port for RealAudio streams by default. Though there could be
some exploit for it I suppose. But I have heard of none so far today. Is
someone watching a Realstream?

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> Today is Monday, right? At least is seems so here. The data circuit over
which route outgoing traffic (except mail) is down, and since I cannot
access the web, I may be asking some stupid questions here, so please
forgive me in advance.
> We have seen a sudden rise this morning in 554/tcp traffic. Has anyone
> One of our Linux boxes claims in the default /etc/services file that 554
is "Real Time Stream Control Protocol"... what is that?
> Any ideas with what application or exploit these probes may be associated?
> Thanks!
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