[Dshield] Port 554/tcp

Bart E. Hawley Sr. bart at texan.net
Wed Oct 1 16:45:17 GMT 2003

> "Bart E. Hawley Sr." wrote:
> >
> > That is the port for RealAudio streams by default. Though there could be
> > some exploit for it I suppose. But I have heard of none so far today. Is
> > someone watching a Realstream?
> >
> We do not use RealAudio, or any other streaming media. The strange thing
is, most of the probes are to the ATM port on a router. Could the probers be
looking for RealAudio servers that they could compromise?
> Jon Kibler
That could be a possibility. Like I said I haven't heard of any exploits for
the streams, but who knows what has developed since I stopped using Real
software to stream with. I do know that RealAudio servers do sometimes have

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