[Dshield] Economic statistics

Gearry Judkins Gearry_Judkins at mtvalleyhs.sad43.k12.me.us
Wed Oct 1 17:56:51 GMT 2003

General DShield Discussion List <list at dshield.org> writes:
>Perhaps: viruses attack files, worms attack services?
I would propose an alternate definition, although I am sure that someone
else has come up with this before me.

Virii are self propagating locally but require the use of an external
vector to be transmitted to other hosts.

Worms are self propagating and provide their own vector for reaching other

Defining "locally" when it concerns virii is fuzzy at best when you have
systems with networked file systems.

This is a gross simplification, but is one that I know I generally use. 
Lately I have seen the general term 'malware' cast about and I think that
is a symptom of the lines becomming blurry as of late.


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