[Dshield] RE: CA eTrust TARGET Advisory - Monitoring New "Attack"

Yevette Maurer yevettem at gsmt.com
Wed Oct 1 22:12:10 GMT 2003

Virus Information CenterSecurity Advisory:
eTrust TARGET Tracking 
Suspicious Network Activity
Computer Associates (CA) eTrust Threat Analysis and Response Global
Emergency Team (TARGET) is currently tracking and researching a new
suspicious network activity that has received some attention on
NTBugTraq. This suspicious activity involves involuntary changes to the
DNS server settings on Windows 2000 and XP (not an exhaustive list). 

At this time, we are advising our customers to monitor for such
suspicious changes and report them to our support organization.
Additionally, monitoring the Windows Registry on critical servers for
changes is another potential warning that this activity is affecting
your network. Early analysis indicates this change may be the result of
the execution of a script after visiting a certain website. 

Network Associates is reporting this as a new Trojan:

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