[Dshield] nslookup on win2k and scripting

Gearry Judkins Gearry_Judkins at mtvalleyhs.sad43.k12.me.us
Thu Oct 2 17:21:18 GMT 2003

I am looking for a way, on win2k, to take a file with space seperated IP
addresses, resolve all of them, and output the domain name and IP
addresses to a file.  I have cygwin available if it would be easier to do
it there.  I had a suggestion to script hosts under linux but I can not
see that hosts is available under cygwin.  This is a temporary solution
until I get my day to day operations moved over to my linux box, but I am
willing to put some work into doing this under windows or cygwin just for
the benefit of learning.  Pointers to docs or HOWTOs for the relevent
tools are appreciated.


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