[Dshield] firewall help request

JHolmblad@aol.com JHolmblad at aol.com
Thu Oct 2 18:29:14 GMT 2003


I am a BEFSX41 user and before that the BEFSR41, and I have it between my LAN 
and Verizon DSL service. I think its is a good product and it does have a 
firewall which I use but, compared to a stand alone firewall, where you can set 
any number of filtering rules, it is very limited. If you want to check it out 
further, Linksys, as they do with all of their products, provides their user 
guides on line. Here is the URL to the PDF of the UG 

Unfortunately, the documentation does not give nearly enough detail on how 
the firewall operates. Their customer service, which has gotten some negative 
press in recent months, seems to be now operating from offshore locations, and 
cannot go very deep, from my own experience on the subject of firewall rules. I 
asked them for a more detailed user guide on the firewall but, so far, I have 
seen nothing from them.

If you want to converse further about the product then feel free to contact 
me via email or telephone.

I also still seem to have a problem with my DShield submissions, or at least 
with the email that informs me that they have been transmitted. The latest 
release of the CVTWIN client for Windows has a fix specifically for the BEFSX41, 
however, it did not seem to fix the problem I think I have. The problem is 
that the email ALWAYS only shows 1 line of text, as if there were only one 
suspect connection attempt during the prior reporting interval, when, in fact, I 
know from direct observation of my BEFSX41 log file that there are many distinct 
attempts. Here is a sample:

       Lines written to database (up to 10):

       2003-10-02 00:59:20 -04:00    46468535    1    1187    21    TCP

If any other members of this list have any insights on this, I would 
appreciate hearing from you. I have sent my concern to Dshield.org.

Best Regards,

John Holmblad

Televerage International

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